Monday, July 30, 2007

What I want...

God continually blesses and uses us as vessels to bless others. I wake up with a smile on my face thankful for another chance to live in God's word and do his work.

We are healthy, we take that seriously between working out and watching what goes into our mouths. In between showering my wife with gifts, not always with things, but always with love, she knows I adore her as I know the same.

I exponentially expand my net worth every time I check my account online after returning from a business trip turned vacation where I helped, taught, and influenced people. My wife and I our engaged in constant conversation, discussing our next business venture, dinner party, or how to raise our children, who will be back from staying at one our parents' homes from the summer. Our relationship is important to us, as is the one the children have with our parent's. My success is God's and he fulfills me by telling me well done and offering me more work. I never grow complacent, but I enjoy each day like it's my last.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

MBA draft

My face was buried into the ground of an old military training facility, a red-faced coach screaming at me as every muscle in my body shook with agony. And all this because I didn't maintain the correct technique during the drill.

This was training camp, Big Ten football style, and no matter how brilliant I had been told I was in all my years of playing, I would never see any playing time until my technique was executed with precision. Football is a game of inches, and for those who did not pay attention to detail, it is difficult to be successful.

Best case scenario, I'd be ordered to perform the correct technique the length of the football field twice over (It doesn't sound like much, but try strapping a 10 pound backpack on, bending your knees, and running backwards next time you want a good cry.) Worst case scenario, I would be up at 6 am, on "morning patrol" running a few miles to start my day. It was Groundhog Day.

Back then it all seemed unnecessary. Over time, though, I learned the benefit of attention to detail. Our self discipline is reflected in our ability to execute tasks, and vice versa. If you can't remember correct technique in a controlled environment, how will you compete against world class competitors in jam packed stadiums?

Now in the business world, the same rule holds true. If you can't manage your personal work plan, how can you be trusted by management to run a department; by customers to deliver value; or by shareholders to protect their interests? Attention to detail can get one in the game to compete. Particularly, as a finance manager I am charged to influence global business decisions and provide financial leadership at all organization levels worldwide. My previous experiences allow me to project a confident and in control approach to manging my work. While I have been able to leverage my previous training in my work, I believe I can greatly benefit from the skill sets learned in a MBA program.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Alone Amongst Others

I can't help but to be taken aback by the spirit of isolation that can sometime infect us. My heart gets heavy as my soul cries out for a companion. Sometimes I need someone to call on when it gets lonely out here. Have you ever been around a bunch of folks but still felt like you were by yourself?

Monday, July 02, 2007

Who are we?

When did it become cool to be a character? Did the invention of the digital camera birth the expectation that everyone must be a star? Or is it that we as a generation are so self conscious that we must openly seek the approval of our peers? Social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook dominate the most highly traversed websites. People track their whole lives on line, open to the public.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Beautiful skin

Compatible souls come together, under bad weather to discuss
distrust amongst the so-called good in every wo-man
how I wish this was true I deal with facts only, already done cloned me
Why I sang the blues, when there's only one God that watches over our every step
I need his help when I'm walkin, lookin for the right female
I can't tell sometimes
They tell me the devil's comin humble in his approach Spontaneous with the game
He caught the naive of a girl fallin for the OK
Let the pistol smoke the one you live by Die by
examples of how relationships can be
Well, I say you're my, beginnin my end
You're my sista lover and friend
God is, your light from within
It shines through your beautiful skin
What they, say bout you ain't true
There's no me if there is no youI hope, that you understand
You got to respect yourself before I can

-Goodie Mob