Tuesday, July 10, 2007

MBA draft

My face was buried into the ground of an old military training facility, a red-faced coach screaming at me as every muscle in my body shook with agony. And all this because I didn't maintain the correct technique during the drill.

This was training camp, Big Ten football style, and no matter how brilliant I had been told I was in all my years of playing, I would never see any playing time until my technique was executed with precision. Football is a game of inches, and for those who did not pay attention to detail, it is difficult to be successful.

Best case scenario, I'd be ordered to perform the correct technique the length of the football field twice over (It doesn't sound like much, but try strapping a 10 pound backpack on, bending your knees, and running backwards next time you want a good cry.) Worst case scenario, I would be up at 6 am, on "morning patrol" running a few miles to start my day. It was Groundhog Day.

Back then it all seemed unnecessary. Over time, though, I learned the benefit of attention to detail. Our self discipline is reflected in our ability to execute tasks, and vice versa. If you can't remember correct technique in a controlled environment, how will you compete against world class competitors in jam packed stadiums?

Now in the business world, the same rule holds true. If you can't manage your personal work plan, how can you be trusted by management to run a department; by customers to deliver value; or by shareholders to protect their interests? Attention to detail can get one in the game to compete. Particularly, as a finance manager I am charged to influence global business decisions and provide financial leadership at all organization levels worldwide. My previous experiences allow me to project a confident and in control approach to manging my work. While I have been able to leverage my previous training in my work, I believe I can greatly benefit from the skill sets learned in a MBA program.


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