Monday, April 16, 2007

Pursuit of Happiness

Hoping to better understand myself...
Wishing I knew how to navigate down this road...
How do I get to the best situation? Why do I feel the need to be needed, but despise it soon there after? Trying to get the point, can I be sure about anything? Have I let things go on for too long? I fear not holding on for long enough, it keeps me insecure. I think back on what we did together and I smile, I consider what could be in times to come and I'm left in limbo. We could be fun together, but it could be better, for you and me. Do we understand each other enough? Am I drawn to a physical place inside you instead of where I should be inside you? I mean shouldn't I feel like I'm in your mind, understand what makes you tick? I shouldn't be so taken aback by your comments that I grow to loathe talking to you. I shouldn't think about life without you when I'm with you. I should be comfortable turning it off because you captivate me. It's not there right now. I must consider the reality and act accordingly considering the alternative will keep you and I from success in this pursuit of happiness.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith

Anybody else disturbed by how the paternity of Anna Nicole's baby Dannielynn has been handled? The media has paraded around this unfortunate situation in public eye in the midst of so many more pressing issues going in the world. What about the fact that this young baby will grow up without a mother!?

The demeanor of the guy who was deemed the child's father was that of one who hit the lottery. I assume because in essence he did! Not sure of the legal ramifications but I'm not sure if he's getting a hold of any money as a result. The little baby is not an heiress. She is not entitled to $80 million.

I pray that the man's jovial nature was based on him fathering a child and that she grows up in a healthy, loving environment.