Sunday, July 01, 2007

Beautiful skin

Compatible souls come together, under bad weather to discuss
distrust amongst the so-called good in every wo-man
how I wish this was true I deal with facts only, already done cloned me
Why I sang the blues, when there's only one God that watches over our every step
I need his help when I'm walkin, lookin for the right female
I can't tell sometimes
They tell me the devil's comin humble in his approach Spontaneous with the game
He caught the naive of a girl fallin for the OK
Let the pistol smoke the one you live by Die by
examples of how relationships can be
Well, I say you're my, beginnin my end
You're my sista lover and friend
God is, your light from within
It shines through your beautiful skin
What they, say bout you ain't true
There's no me if there is no youI hope, that you understand
You got to respect yourself before I can

-Goodie Mob


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