Monday, July 30, 2007

What I want...

God continually blesses and uses us as vessels to bless others. I wake up with a smile on my face thankful for another chance to live in God's word and do his work.

We are healthy, we take that seriously between working out and watching what goes into our mouths. In between showering my wife with gifts, not always with things, but always with love, she knows I adore her as I know the same.

I exponentially expand my net worth every time I check my account online after returning from a business trip turned vacation where I helped, taught, and influenced people. My wife and I our engaged in constant conversation, discussing our next business venture, dinner party, or how to raise our children, who will be back from staying at one our parents' homes from the summer. Our relationship is important to us, as is the one the children have with our parent's. My success is God's and he fulfills me by telling me well done and offering me more work. I never grow complacent, but I enjoy each day like it's my last.


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