Friday, March 23, 2007



"Every week I keep wishing for Friday. Today, it's Friday and I don't have anything to do... so am i wishing my life away?"

Have we not learned anything from our parents at this point? Growing up we were told too often to stop "wishing our lives away" because sure enough we ended up growing out of the Utopian state that is child hood. And here we are today:

Bills... heartache... uncertainty; all of life's trials and tribulations, all apart of life's journey.

But it's difficult to not wish for a better tomorrow, even when don't know what that looks like. We must find balance between enjoying the realities of today with working towards the ideal place we have in mind for ourselves. Some would say we must be cautious of "waiting for a bunch of tomorrow's that are never coming".

But I say... Dream like a child... life is an untapped possibility waiting for you to take what you want.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What's Money Got To Do With It?

How do you measure wealth? Is it the nicest car or the largest house? Finest clothes? Newest technological gadget? Jewelry? Limited editions sneakers? Do you want to be able to go out and buy things whenever you feel like it?

I see how those material possessions could qualify as sufficient for some, but in my age I have found that there are more things than "things" that are going to give me satisfaction. After all it has to be that way because "things" get worn out or go out of style.

I'm out hear searching for a sustainable love for being that won't come from acquiring a bunch of stuff.