Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I'll Take It!

It's ok if this doesn't work out.
It's ok that it's not really what I want.
It's ok that what I want, I have not yet found.
It's ok to be nervous, anxious, a little insecure.
You are sure to figure this thing out one day soon.

I can't help to be a bit apathetic as the March 7th pro day approaches. It's as if my mind had decided that that's not the lifestyle that I want for myself. I want to be 180 and pain free for a little while. I'd like the money, the fame, the experience but I'm sure that I will find my niche in this world one day soon. I'm tired of being scared. I love myself and we know that I can make this happen. I'lll bet on myself and God anyday!


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