Monday, January 30, 2006

In early 02 maybe???

I`m in Bloomington, Indiana trying to get my mind right so I can make a positive impact on the future. To all ya`ll out there that`s in school, stay focused on what`s important. It`s imperative that we empower our minds to offset some of the injustices that have been previously placed. The dice are loaded against you, but when your ancestors were the first rulers of the world you don`t have too much to worry about if you handle your business. Learn their game and how to play it. We must get better instead of finding a way to get over.

I still believe this but man...what have I done today to make myself a better man? It's about advancement, achievement, focus. All of which I have come to lack. Atypical is what I aspire to be as I live an extraordinary life filled with love, passion,humor, and good health.


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