Sunday, January 29, 2006

Church Was Good

"I know Jesus, I know Paul, but who are you???"

Good stuff today at church. More evidence that we must have our own relationship with God, why we shouldn't be professional praisers. As I search for direction, I have decided to focus more on my spiritual relationship. I have come a long way since I first found God. It seems that many of my negative experiences are a direct result of my poor judgment and inability to focus on God.

I think the most profound question that you can ask any one is "who are you?" The challenging aspect of the question is that who you are transcends beyond where you come from, where you live now, the kind of car you drive, or how much money you make, it's really not about who you date, clothes you own, what you look like, or even the organizations you choose to join. Who are you? I have always found it lame when people identify themselves by some of those things (I'm a proud member of XXX) While it's great to take pride in your organization, who you are must be of more substance.

Who Am I?
I am an aspiring intellect, inspired by my surroundings to achieve. Because I am not there yet I am motivated everyday that I open my eyes, to challenge myself, to become a better man. While I may fall short some days, I am pursuit of those bad days to be less frequent then those that would be considered a success. I'm hard on me and refuse to become complacent because society says that I should be content with things that I have accomplished to date. I strive to be extraordinary, a change agent, stable, healthy, happy. I am my harshest critic and my biggest fan.


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