Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This was love

So shady it seems this life we lead
Why must it be necessary for me to depend on and need?
For a love without bounds is the only solace place.
A utopian entity too often never replaced
We look long and try hard to find
Still life’s truths remain constant
This love is a one shot deal, had it and lost it.

You being that all inclusive being on this earth
Loving, beautiful, intelligent,
Words do you no justice
My rock in this shaky environment,Where all I am is that not yet which I want to be
Your words challenge, your opinion motivates me
This man will never stop until he is the best he can be
Not in jest, but surely one day Ill be more than a B
Minus the memory of a turbulent past is never so likely
However, holdfast the thought of waking up next to you
Holding you at night, drying your tears, laughing when you want to
It’s all good in truth and spirit
I started writing this day because you said you wanted to hear it.
My words sometimes, are less than precise
I may be perceived to be angry, mean, and to make it rhyme less than
Still I do believe that you know who I am, and better yet what I am
working to be
My only hope is that one day you realize that it’s all you need
It’s hard to admit it but we all need someone
Don’t go independent woman on me and say it ain’t so
If just to bitch, whine, or complain
Life is bliss when you are more acquainted than just by name

So let it be known I was happy we met and greatful for the time we spent.
I'd never take back anything nice I said, each word I meant.
Though we part ways and I know you must go.
Remember this was love.


Blogger Markia said...

That was beautiful, I'm not a poet I guess music is more my talent. But if I were a poet, I would write words that would make you feel as good inside as your words have made me feel.

I won't go all independent! You're right, we all need someone. I found a true love, someone that I have been praying for, for a long time.

I'm not about to loose him or let him go, I'm in too deep and my prayer is being answered everyday.

Thank you God for answering my prayer.

11:18 AM  

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