Thursday, August 14, 2008

This one...

I'm only a bit nostaglic as I think about how things used to be. More often now I find myself in quiet places reminisicing about how things used to be. It's only when I consider how counterproductive that is to my psyche that I snap back. It's kinda like all of the ode's to Hip Hop - when we think about how it was so much better back in the day... But is it really? Sometimes are today is so cloudy that we see yesterday through rose colored glasses, taking on an undeserved appreciation for what really is a series of not so pleasent interactions. Makes you want to cry sometimes if you think about it for too long. Times like these are what real men are made from. We scratch and claw are way out of the darkness because like a flower we need the light's power to be the catalyst for the synthesis of this returning to me. Sometimes I struggle because I can't seem to picure how things can get better. Then I think about the bright side and figure at least I'm a more powerful writer right now. More in touch with my emotional self able to connect, if only for a little while.


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