Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes We Can?

It's November 4th, 2008 and in walking into the election polls I could not help but to flash an ear to ear smile. This was the first time in a long time that I had become reengaged in the political contests since the debacle in 2000, where the race was seemingly stolen from Gore. In truth, all things must work for good for those that love the lord, because had that race gone another way I probably would not be where I am today, instead heading for the military academy at West Point, and in the midst of the bid that comes with an appointment. I would not have had the experience of playing in Ohio Stadium, scoring a touchdown on Homecoming, pledging Kappa, being in love, or working to become an entrepreneur. More importantly the realities of today may not have come to fruition. We might not have been half a day away from electing a black President.

Some may credit their successes with hardwork and ingenuity or even luck, the most insightful people I know give all praises to God because without his grace, nothing is possible. So I am most thankful to God for placing role models in my life in which I could model my behavior, focus , and drive. I delivered a will to achieve at a young age because people told me I could. Because they loved me enough to place in me a level of confidence and resolve to push forward and overcome any obstacle. I learned that with hard work and fortitude I could offset the preexisting barriers that stood between my generation and its duty to be citizens with a robust contribution to our communities. My parents help me develop a deliberatly prudent, pragmatic approach to managing my emotions, to channel my passion into productive activities in lieu of disruptive behaviors. I learned to give back from John Sr., because once you have achieved something, coaching others along that same path can be just as fulfilling. I learned that I could be a leader from Mr. Brown and Mr. Cook. I knew dentists, government officials, doctors... that looked like me. I figured that if they could do it... so could I.

Today this correlation takes on a whole new meaning. Even the most irrational person could pose valid points as to why that way of thinking is not representative of the society as a whole. After all, there are many of us today who still with internalized racisim; a crippling self hate that stiffles our development and ability. There is now a representative that shows that we are unstoppable. We can do all things through Christ. We can be the best. The One. And it's exciting. I pray that my brother benefits from this more, that when he is in the only black boy in the room, he is still able to exude the confidence of a champion, because he is.

What a marvelous campaign, the execution of a lifetime. A case study in generating excitement and spreading a message.


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