Thursday, June 14, 2007

What's This

So now I'm dreaming. Unconscious illustrations of how things could go wrong. A turn of events very unlikely that I'd recover from. Seeing things this way before was a bit cumbersome. But now, you don't touch me like you used to. Kinda changed things you would do. Not sure if what I hear you saying is true. But I sure do miss you. It's been a while since I kissed you. I'm just stuck here reminiscing. It's like viewing a perfectly painted picture on broken glass. I can see how it could be, just need to piece it all back together. If there is time left. Sometimes I'm not sure if you haven't already left? Or are you just about to? Hope not, can't really live without you... I don't think. You always come to devalue those with whom you constantly speak. We don't owe each other anything. You chose to share you heart. I'm greatful. From the start of things I knew that's what I wanted. The best days can't be behind. It's cool to look back, but if you do it too long you'll lose your place in line. Someone is sure to jump in front. Or at least you'd lose your pace. This thing requires a constant effort. We are in a race. Not sure if it's a sprint or a marathon, but it's definately a relay. In this together, I need you pick up when i falter, open things up when I get behind, reap the benefits when I succeed, be there when I cross the finish line. I'd prefer you cheer me on to keep going. Finish lines are too final. Push me forward. Latch on and come to. I've read once or twice that one can't compare with two. Two of two parts equal a whole. There's a whole lot more you can do with a whole. You can put two parts together and it will cover up a hole. That means if you got all the parts than you can do some repairing. Guess that means there's hope. I'm excited. Hope means that I can't give up. So I won't.


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