Monday, June 11, 2007

You should

You should be happy with me, think of all the places we have gone and things we have seen. You should be happy because the experiences we have had would not have been the same if you were there alone. Don't you remember sitting in your closet crying, promising to be a better man? You were frustrated then because you wanted to be great. You needed to excel at everything to compensate for the fear of failure and I was there to push you through. It was me that saw you accomplish the goals we set. Remember when you were told you were good enough to play in college. that time you caught that pass when you were a freshman, what about that time you dove and caught that touchdown at the end of the game when you were young? Success feels good doesn't it? I know... I was there and I remember what it was like. I remember you being VP of Al-Ka-Pals them bourgueise people didn't know what to do, you did science fairs, served as class president, played ball in college, graduated. It's been a decent life man... you should be happy.

I know there is more out here. We can go get it. You gotta believe in him and me and it's a done deal. I know you are not sure where that is that we are going, but I promise it's going to be a good ride. We are going to get through this time and it will be all good.


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