Friday, June 15, 2007

What I want

I'm hard pressed to find another situation that looks better on paper. In staying with Chip for a few days I'm able to monitor his day to day activities. As a professor he's off for the summer and is afforded the privilege of watching his children grow up first hand. To be in a situation where you are able to take your children to the pool and afford to drive them there in a Lexus seems like an ideal state. He's married, has three children, works 15-30 hours a week, has been on ABC and CNN for his work, goes to Wall Street annually and make sure people are placed, he treats people fairly and his students remember him for that.

Making a difference and on my terms is my goal. Work does not have to consume my life and in fact it should be an extension of my interests. My family should be able to travel, see me, live comfortably.

If I live through God and treat people fairly I should be able to live this type of lifestyle. God wants us to be blessed and if it is his will he will position me in the right opportunity.


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