Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sometimes it pays to look back

Playing football taught me so much. I was exposed to some great thinkers who spent a lot of time with their heads buried in books searching for insight on life. Gerry D. was the best at motivating his players with relating it back to his reading. Books like Good to Great by Jim Collins and the works of John Wooden dominated his time and ultimately the discussions he led during team meetings. I learned things like "tough times don't last... tough people do" or " I won't treat everyone the same, but I will treat you all fairly" simple concepts that are reapplicable in all forms of life. It is no wonder that people often jump at the opportunity to work with and hire former athletes, these students are often equipped with a general understanding of how the world works, and while not necessarily possessing the job specific skills day 1, is more than capable to

I'm sleepy now


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