Friday, October 19, 2007

Stanford GSB

I am more than ready for this next experience. I am turned on by the concept of learning. After attending this morning Organizational Behavior class, I am confident I stand to benefit a great deal from going to business school. The question remains is whether I am ready. Everyone is from such interesting backgrounds (i.e. consulting, I-Banking, Private Equity), and I am just learning what these fields are! To think I can compete against people with experience in the fields seems to be daunting but I know I can. Next step is to convince these admissions committees the same. I can see myself contributing to the learning environment.

The exercises today split the class into workers and executives with the task of constructing a puzzle. The execs were to develop a plan to get the task completed and the workers were in charge of the execution. I saw so many parallels to things that I see in work everyday. As I worked through the scenario in my mind (trying my best to not intrude on the class), I was able to point out some of the traps the executives were falling into. Concepts like early engagement of the team and making tasks more complicated than they are quickly came to fruition. I guess my experience as an entry level worker has paid off in the sense that I get what it's like to report to people and feel like you are not being completely utilized.

I have got to make this work for me... and I will, God willing.


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