Tuesday, September 04, 2007

San Francisco

Got there kind of late after a wild super shuttle ride, I made it. Went to sleep, got up and started playing in Excel, I'm a perfectionist. She went to work and I finished. I went for a run, it was short but effective. Going up hills takes a lot out of you, but pay out in the end. You came back and sent me to the store. The food was good, I'm a snacker so I had to go back once or twice. We slept and got up and moving. Circuit city + Macy's+Walgreens, damn we should have got a real camera, and what did we eat? I remember sitting in that bar, it's a place we've made our own. Remind me to never buy that drink again, it wasn't strong enough and more like a waste of time, energy, and money. But it was cool because for now on I'm a mojito man, pomagrante preferrably, please. We swapped the clothes out and made our way cross the tracks, getting there just in time to follow others to the right spot (this walk was much quicker than Sunday's). The will call was there as you had suggested and when the doorman scanned and motioned us through, it was all good. "Head on down to the concrete"... so we did and kept moving closer and closer to the front until we ran out of space. When we finally had the nerve to ask, they motioned us to the left with only a fence between us and the stage. Front row though? That's mightly player of you Ma. I mean for these to have come on a whim, it sure seems pretty nice. It was fun, we stood for hours, and it felt like a few minutes (until the end b/c my feet did hurth!). She sang, they danced, and played... it was a memorable moment in time. A first together for you and I so you called out sarcastically. I'll never forget that night. There were more people trying to get back and it took awhile for us to make it on over, but we did and it was fine. I sure was tired though. What's next? I'm tired enough to sleep through the night, no sex. Up the next morning and you cooked blueberry joints, from scratch! I'm still impressed by your focus. Try not to be so hard on yourself, how long will it take for you to prove to yourself that you can do anything you decide is for you? I need that to be internalized. No more "I can't" "I'm stupid" "It's too hard". H&M+Ross+Rush Hour 3 and now I'm hungry. What's really good? Took a long walk up through a very scary place, let's not do that again... thanks. The turkey burger was tasty, your eyes so soft,. Them curly fries hit the spot, I had been fienin. We got back went to Blockbuster after throwing away the cups of hot chocolate (another good choice). I'm faded now, impatient now, you fired back... wow. I apologize for the tangent, but I must admit you handled me well. I need to get my mind right about talking out the way, I've progressed but have a long way to go. I still get insecure, impatient, but it's really no excuse. I can be polite and say no thank you, with a reason, and not just say nah put that back. I was sleep before the movie showed the lead characters, but you already knew that. You told me before it had registered what was going on inside. You made them again that next morning and we made our way to the park. Summer of Love? Wow, I've been to some wild stuff with you. At least they weren't naked this time. It was deep out there, probably better than reggae, will see next time? Starving by now, we tried to open the place, we had to wait. You got your chance to lay out in the sun, we saw art in the park. The food was banging as always, sad this was our last day together for awhile. We got back and laid down so soon. My body was yearning to feel what it was like to be inside of you. I know 28 days had come and not quite gone. But I kept waking up. It was a short song that played, but the melody lingers in my head. One day I'll get the chance to go all the way and make 28 days not come for awhile. I think I'll like that. But we have some stuff to do first. Passed out and woke up too quick. It was over and I was riding out.


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