Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why would I have to prove to myself something that I have known since the day I saw you? The truth is, I do not know. Instead of relief I find myself longing to reach out to you more and more with every moment that passes. It's the little things that I have taken for granted for too long.

I plan to keep a running tab of times when I needed you and pull it up when you call:

1. I need you to help me allw God to save me.
2. To celebrate the $66K appraisal.
3. To screen my potential tenant.
4. To say if I should roll with the first tenant or not.
5. How much should I borrow against the house.
6. To visit IU with me, I left your name at the desk so you can get a key.
7. To tell you about the job I have now.
8. When my mom was in the hospital and why it frustrates me to have stuff held back from me.
9. Wondered how your family was doing.


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