Thursday, February 07, 2008

My Bday

Turned 25 and it's got me kinda philosophical. Thinking about what I have done, what I am going to do, where I have been, where I'm going, what I have seen, what I want to see, what I have impacted, what I will change.

Life for me will never be marked by complacency. I challenge myself to be great, and the expectation is that I will achieve this so help me God. I have done many cool things. Even in the last year, I have left the country, twice! Purchased my second home. Visited Vegas and NYC. That's cool stuff... but in the year's to come I want to do the same thing and more. I want to travel and see the world. If only to heighten my perspective on other societies and how to apply their efficiencies in making my community a better place. I've been class president, team captain, frat president, graduation key note speaker.... but I am destined for so much more in the year's to come. I will lead an enterprise that is committed to bettering the lives of people. Maybe that will be a church, or a big company, or something I start on my own.

I have seen my parents health go up and down. My friends and family pass away. Getting older increases your exposure to the realities of the world. It hurts so bad to see a person come and go so instantaneous,, because you are always left wishing you could say one more I love you. But when they are hurting you almost want them to pass on so they can be relieved. It's an unreal phenomena.


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