Sunday, November 04, 2007

All I Want

I want to be in church, I want children, I wantsex, I want to travel, I want to exercise, I want you to exercise, Iwant me time, I want us time, I want you to have you time, I want tobe financially stable, I want to be practical with our spending, Iwant to spoil you sometimes, I want to us to make a big deal aboutholidays and birthdays, I want to be challenged mentally inconversation, I want to be able to depend on you, I want you to dependon me, I want you to trust me, I want to be the first person you go towith a problem, I want you to be the first person I go to with aproblem, I want you to understand me, I want to understand you, I wantto be able to want more stuff and you be willing to work with me, Iwant you to be satisfied with me FOREVER.


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