Monday, February 19, 2007

Eff' the American Dream

I achieved the American dream at 23 and realized it would never be enough to sustain me. So unless I’m wrong about this life, there must be more out there to work towards obtaining. I read daily, consciously internalizing the experiences of others. Maybe from my study I will move closer towards my life’s passion, or it could lead me to believe that my focus should simply be on getting through the day. I have always been that guy who is deemed to have “potential”. Today I stand challenged to uncover the true meaning of that concept. When does potential translate into success, success into happiness? Or is that a constant pursuit that helps navigate us through life? I refuse to accept that this expectation that I have of myself, though definitively subjective, is not appropriate.

I often struggle to stay focused on any one particular task. I enjoy the prospect of being involved in life and that to me must extend beyond a mundane repetitious cycle.


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