Monday, October 23, 2006

I'll listen..

I often find myself as the confidant to others. I take this role seriously because it means a lot for one to open his/herself up. However, sometimes I wonder how I ended up with the reputation as a rationale thinker. Truth be told, I struggle with the same things that people come to me asking for my perspective. Isn't it a bit hypocritical to be able to outline a reasonable way of handling life while you are still out here searching for answers? I guess it's similar to the fact that I learn more when I have to teach something to someone else. On a positive note, the pursuit of knowledge does not supersede my understanding of the fact that I will never know it all.

Trece hit me up today prefacing the conversation with the fact that she was about to cry. I couldn't quite understand what would cause such emotion so I was anxious to get her on the phone and see what the problem was. True to form, the situation was around her interaction with one of my boys that she decided she liked at my graduation open house. It's still a bit odd, but I don't usually feel comfortable with people that I care about choosing to like anybody but me, I'm getting over it.

Today, she couldn't quite understand how he was able to tell her that they couldn't be together because of the long distance that currently separtes them (he's in Pittsburgh..she's in Columbus). The best part of the conversation is that she said "I don't really know if I like him, but when he told me he was talking to someone else it hurt. I'm tired of people choosing other girls over me!" Ok... so the rationale mind prevails and helped her understand that she's young, sexy, and intelligent. It's going to be alright... right? Do we ever get to the point where we don't need other's approval? More importantly, how do we convince ourselves that we want stuff that we don't really want!

Understanding is a work in process...


Blogger Unknown said...

This is the problem with advice to others. I always take advice with a grain of salt. Everyone's situations are incredibly unique and offer no guarentees to the exact same answer. Life is not a standardized test, just because you bubble in C does not mean that is the right answer for me. Live life and test yourself. Yes advice is nice to have to guage your situation but that is all it should be, a way to compare and relate not take as fact.

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