Thursday, October 13, 2011

Outside - There's Something About the rain

Outside right now it's raining.
A calming, repetitious patter of raindrops against the windows.
Symphonic, like someone composed this rhythm to provide a soundtrack to my thoughts.
The moon has given enough life to the night for a backdrop, live in technicolor.

There is something about the rain that makes me introspective.
I've considered my hopes, dreams, motivating forces, all the things that scare me.
A reminder that I'm motivated most by fear.

I'm impressed by the intensity of the rain, it's persistence being the reason that it is even relevant.
There is much to learn from even this experience.
The (un)comfortableness of existing may come and go.

Ironic the circle of life is reliant upon a few less than desirable interruptions.
So intense in the moment, but eventually fading away.
Hopefully, character is left behind.
I'm inspired by the consistency of nature and the lessons offered.
I'm thankful for the rain.


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