Monday, March 07, 2011

About the Speaker

Maybe one way to will myself towards success is by clearly identifying what I want that to look like. I'll start by writing what I'd like for me bio to look when I get to a point that someone is asking me to come speak.

Always humble, William A. Lumpkin prides hisself on making life better for those that inlist his services. After deciding that corporate America wasn't for him, Lumpkin started Vibrant Living. A firm initially intended on opening adult day care centers to improve the quality of life for the elderly while easing the burden of business professional entrusted to care for their parents. "It really was my mom's idea. She has always been the most self less person I know. I intended to improve her business but after awhile things took off. The service we provide isn't rocket science but it truly adds value to the lives of our customers, I couldn't be more pleased." Lumpkin graduated from the Chicago Booth School of business where he concentrated in Finance. "I have always appreciated the data but I didn't necessarily enjoy being buried in Excel. When considering the prospects of continuing at
Procter & Gamble (where Lumpkin started his career as a Financial Analyst), I couldn't see myself happy by going down that path." I want people to look at me and say that guy is making the world better. I know that it is a lofty ambition but why not? Why can't I be an exceptional person? It was that mentality that set me out to increase my personal expectations. I challenged myself over and over to be better than I was the day before. Now I'm here today to challenge you to do well.


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